Regular postponing of the maintenance of the domestic hygiene? The answer is one off cleaning!

One off cleaning

Do you perform the regular household chores every week or you delay these time-consuming cleaning procedures? If you already notice a thick layer of dust on every item in your lovely home, then you have a problem. But don’t worry, because Tenancy Cleaning Services has the solution: professional one off cleaning. This type of occasional cleaning may be performed when the seasons change or when you prepare for a special event. Or just whenever you decide that your house needs a thorough cleanup. This responsible task has to be entrusted to someone reliable and professional. Here it comes our expert team, always ready to face the challenge.

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Tenancy Cleaning Services - You just hit the bull's-eye!

The desire of a neat and tidy living environment is not a caprice, it’s a normal human need. Nowadays, everybody is very busy and the regular household chores are often neglected. Thanks to the development of the sphere of the services, today there are specialists for everything. It’s really helpful to entrust some tasks to someone reliable and professional. Some people believe that your home reflects your character. Tenancy Cleaning Services will help you to get a bright new reflection of yourself, using every element of your interior as a mirror.

The results worth it, try once and you’ll be back for more! Ensure yourself the vitality and the comfort, you’ve always dreamed of.

Undeniable net benefits!

One off cleaning
  • A comprehensive cleaning of every premise; scrubbing the kitchen appliances or brightening up the whole housekeeping. Whatever you choose, you will receive dazzling shine, adorable scents and impeccable order.
  • The one off cleaning comprises polishing of all surfaces and fixtures. All the procedures are much deeper than light dusting and tidying. The convenient package usually includes also cleaning of carpets, soft furniture, curtains and other textiles.
  • Even if you perform regularly the ordinary household chores, may be it’s hard for you to find enough time for the cupboards, the wardrobes and the drawers. That is why our experts will pay them special attention by cleaning them from inside out.
  • Thanks to our professional approach, every stain will be fought. Be sure, that our methods don’t limit with the standard techniques. Our experts are creative in the fight with the stubborn dirt.
  • Would you like us to provide the cleaning equipment and the materials? Done in exchange of a small fee!
  • Feel free to choose the amount of hours for the cleaning session. This is what we call flexibility.
  • The results will fascinate you, that is for sure. They are the best proof for proficiency and high quality.

Are you already interested? After our cleaning agents finish their job, your home will be sparkling clean. It’s easy to get used to the comfort and the healthy environment.

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One off Deep Cleaning Prices:

  • £12.00 cleaner/ hour with your cleaning equipment and detergents
  • £14.00 cleaner/ hour with our cleaning equipment and detergents

Please, note that minimum charge applies.

Tenancy Cleaning Services is specialised in carpet cleaning too.

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