Moving out without stress and hullabaloo

End of tenancy cleaning

Do your recent plans include moving out? If you answer positively, then this information is just for you. You have to admit that moving out is accompanied by а bunch of emotions. Some of them may be negative, if the things go the wrong direction. In other words, if you don’t plan carefully some important details, such as the deep end of tenancy cleaning, you risk to be unpleasantly surprised.

How would you feel if you get poor results from the property inspection which is a precondition for loss of your tenancy deposit? Robert Henri, teacher and painter said: “Cherish your own emotions and never undervalue them.” Isn’t it much better to organise everything in advance and to spare the negative feelings to all people, involved in this contractual relationship? Of course it is. All you have to do is to trust Tenancy Cleaning Services and to empty the house from your personal belongings. Our trained experts will perform the top-to-bottom end of tenancy cleaning up to the highest standards.

Take advantage of the smoothest moving out ever!

End of tenancy cleaning

Our mission is to make your life easier and to guarantee your peace and comfort. It’s pretty clear, that when you change your lodgings, you have to plan so many things. That is why if someone professional performs the end of lease cleaning instead of you, you will feel really relieved.

Tenancy Cleaning Services will save you so much nerves and scrubbing efforts in exchange of a small fee. The reliable package is specially designed for the needs of the clients who have an upcoming property inspection. And the best part is that our convenient service is guaranteed within 48 hours. So, there will be free of charge re-clean in case of omission. This is what we call fairness and integrity. Our flawless results will make your landlord really happy and he will be pleased to return your tenancy deposit. It sounds great, doesn’t it?

Contact us today on 020 8114 9249 to arrange your appointment! The sooner, the better!

Expect stunning results after these cleaning procedures!

  • Kitchen - there is a lot to do here: scrubbing the appliances and removing all the stains, spills and burnt-on carbon; polishing the worktops; sanitising the sink and the taps; removing the cobwebs.
  • Any other room - wiping the surfaces; hoovering the carpets and the soft furniture; mopping the floors; cleaning the windows from the inside, etc.
  • Toilets and bathrooms - disinfecting the toilet pan, toilet seat and shower enclosure; de-scaling the tiles; removing the mold and the cobwebs.

In brief, everything will look even better than the way you found it in the beginning. Make sure you will receive compliments for the excellent work! And you deserve them, because you made a great choice! Our affordable prices are the final touch of this incredible offer.

So, don’t waste even a minute more and call Tenancy Cleaning Services on 020 8114 9249!

End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning* Prices:

  • One bedroom flat with carpets from £175.00
  • Two bedroom flat with carpets from £200.00
  • Two bedroom house with carpets from £220.00
  • Three bedroom flat with carpets from £235.00
  • Three bedroom house with carpets from £310.00
  • Four bedroom house with carpets from £350.00
  • Five bedroom house with carpets from £380.00

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices:

  • One bedroom flat from £130.00
  • Two bedroom flat from £155.00
  • Two bedroom house from £173.00
  • Three bedroom flat from £180.00
  • Three bedroom house from £230.00
  • Four bedroom house from £260.00
  • Five bedroom house from £280.00

* please note when you book End of Tenancy together with Hot Steam Carpet cleaning, you get 50% off the regular carpet cleaning price.

Tenancy Cleaning Services provides regular domestic cleaning too.

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