Wanted: Flawless cleanliness without putting efforts in scrubbing and mopping!

Regular domestic cleaning

Do you like your messy home? We doubt it. The chaos and the disorder are not only distracting and unpleasant, but unhealthy too. You can change the situation more easily than you suppose. Think a little! You’ll have the impeccable home, you’ve always dreamed of. Use just a pinch of resourcefulness and entrust the overwhelming and boring cleaning to someone else! The idea is really great, because you have a wonderful option here in London: Tenancy Cleaning Services. No more dirt and germs, no more insidious pathogens and allergens. It sounds fair!

Undoubtedly the cleanliness and the hygiene have to be maintained by performing the regular cleaning procedures. Your busy schedule is not compatible with this responsibility, demanding efforts and free time? Or you just hate vacuuming, dusting and mopping? Whatever the reason is, don’t feel trapped, because our experts will help you to escape. How? By providing you a high-standard professional domestic cleaning. If you use our help on regular basis, you will enjoy a flawless home, shiny and hygienic. Make sure that your family will be charmed by the positive change! Get them the freshness and the tidiness, they really deserve, and make them feel comfortable and calm. The English author Ann Radcliffe said: “Happiness arises in a state of peace, not of tumult.” Nothing, but a pure logic, isn’t it?

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Tenancy Cleaning Services - a magic mixture of professionalism, respect, efficiency and flexibility

Regular domestic cleaning

Let us tell you a little bit more about our practice. After you arrange your appointment, you will meet your friendly personal maid. Hardworking and enthusiastic, he/she will perform the regular cleaning chores. Meanwhile your individual requirements are always welcome, so feel free to express all your recommendations and demands. Our experts don’t put the tasks in frames and templates, they are flexible and open-minded. So bear in mind that they will comply with your wishes. Our workers are not only skillful cleaners, but also “team players”. They communicate and collaborate with our clients smoothly and seamlessly. While creating an amicable atmosphere, your maid will finish the job in no time. How tempting do you find all that?

What about skipping and rescheduling your visit? Not a problem at all - it happens to everybody. At Tenancy Cleaning Services there aren’t penalty charges and misleading terms and conditions. Just accuracy and high level of respect for Your Majesty - The Client.

Take your time and breathe! Аll these profits are for you!

  • Disinfecting and sanitising - in every premise and every single corner.
  • Mopping, dusting, vacuuming - you know the scenario.
  • Washing a pile of dishes, ironing some shirts or doing the laundry - Ok, go ahead!
  • Fully trained, vetted and insured experts - skillful and polite.

Are you provident and economical? Then our cheap prices will definitely attract your attention, because they start only from £10 per cleaner per hour! What a precious find, don’t miss it!

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Regular Domestic Cleaning Prices:

  • £11 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on weekly basis. Between two and four hours of cleaning.
  • £10.5 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on weekly basis. More than four hours of cleaning.
  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on fortnightly basis. Minimum three hours of cleaning.
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning detergents on regular basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning.


  • Ironing service £11 per cleaner per hour on weekly basis. *
  • Ironing service £10.5 per cleaner per hour on weekly basis. More than four hours of cleaning. *
  • Ironing service £12 per cleaner per hour on fortnightly basis. *

* Please note that approximately 6 to 7 shirts could be ironed for 1 hour.

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