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Tenancy cleaning

Would you appreciate some help with the time-consuming and overwhelming household chores? Maybe your carpets have to be steam cleaned or it’s about time to arrange your end of tenancy cleaning. No matter the occasion, Tenancy Cleaning Services is always at your disposal, providing high-quality services. Our flexible packages are tailored to suit your personal needs. The results, achieved by our trained experts, are always amazing. Just call us on 020 8114 9249 and share your wishes with our friendly customer representatives! They are patient and ready to answer all your questions. Our company values your right of being informed. Information beats manipulation, doesn’t it? Once you try our help, make sure there will be a second time!

Tenancy Cleaning Services works with the most qualified and experienced teams. They will do the best they can to achieve adorable results in your lovely home. Agile and energetic, our cleaning agents won’t stop in front of any challenge. They will do miracles with your home and you will be completely satisfied by the sparkling cleanliness. You can always rely on our professionalism, diligence and respect. Our traditions and experience help us to stick to some important values and to develop our flexibility and accuracy. “Perpetuum mobile”- we believe that if you want to be the best, you don’t have to stop learning and improving your potential. That makes us different from our competitors.

Regarding the equipment, Tenancy Cleaning Services always relies on the most modern and on the most efficient machinery. What about the detergents we use? They are eco-friendly and non-toxic and they do not endanger your health or the environment in any way. No more wondering which cleanser to use or how much to spend! Specific stains and stubborn dirt, leave it all to our experts!

Just like Winston Churchill, we are easily satisfied with the very best. Investments in innovative technology and in reliable and experienced personnel are one of the keys to success. Our success makes your home flawless and lovely. What else could you wish for?

Enjoy your free time and let us do the whole job!

If our clients are happy, then our mission is accomplished. Our cleaners work in close collaboration with the customers. Open-minded and tolerant, we are always ready to hear your requirements and guidelines. Your checklist is prepared? Ok, let the cleaning begin! There is no need to scrub and wipe for hours. Cinderella’s Life is is out of fashion now. Choose the suitable package or combine your wishes! For any additional service you book, you receive a wonderful discount. Your budget won’t be reduced, because the prices are affordable. It sounds like a good deal.

Amazing outcome! The formula works! Use it!

Our most requested services are:

  • End of tenancy cleaning - meet the property inspection without any fear and get your tenancy deposit back!
  • Carpet cleaning - our steam and dry carpet cleaning make your carpets and rugs look like brand new.
  • Regular domestic cleaning - daily, weekly or fortnightly. Ensure yourself a healthier living environment by relying on Tenancy Cleaning Services!
  • One off cleaning - a whole month without vacuuming and dusting? This is the right service for you!

Contact us on 020 8114 9249 and order your fresh new start! Your happiness and your freedom depend on Tenancy Cleaning Services, so don’t waste even a minute more!

020 8114 9249
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